Voice Activated Recorder

Do you want to know if snoring or snoring frequency and timing at bedtime? Is there apnea in the middle? any dream talk ? If you have children who need caring, you might want to know if they cough and how often it happens when sleeping. This is exactly what is designed for these uses. For this kind of long interval recording situations, saving power and storage space as well as saving your time when playback.

Easy to use, 1. Turn on the power button, 2. Set the threshold value to activate recording based on the level of sound/noise, 3. Set the length of time allowed to record quiet sounds.

After finished, open the folder, select the recording. The files are listed by recording time, you can play it either individually or continuously. You can also rename it and share it to the phone’s ‘Download’ directory located at the main storage, that is a public directory, from there, you can copy it to your computer.

You can download it on Google Play Store


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