Voice Activated Recorder

Record automatically when sound intensity reaches a set threshold, stop if below the threshold, skip mute automatically. Especially suitable for scenes that require a long time recording ,such as recording snoring and apnea time all night for your sleeping health monitors, dream talk recording for fun, your child’s sleeping status for care, meeting and class recordings etc.


– Cut the sound below the threshold which can be adjusted by the real-time ambient sound indicator on the screen, focus on meaningful recordings you care about, hence save your playback time (for example, recording snoring all night).

– Time-tagged recordings to show you any point in time.

– Simple and easy to use. Click the power button icon, you are good to go. If there is too much noise around, just move the seek bar(0~100) to a higher threshold. If you want to keep the lower sound (weaker than the threshold) for a few seconds, move it’s seek bar(1s~40s). For example, In a conversation, you can set it to 2 seconds. For snoring recording at a quiet night, set the silence bar around 10 seconds (threshold around 8), or adjust them slightly.

– Audio player with auto-play function, slide the thumb bar to find the exact time point for any event (so you can calculate the snoring frequency and the duration of apnea).

– Easy recording management, recordings can be deleted by single/multiple/all.

– Recordings can be renamed and shared to many social media apps.

– All recordings are stored in the specified external directory and can be accessed from the computer and the device file system.

You can download it on Google Play Store