Volume Key Recorder – Operable in the background

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One-click quick start voice recorder controlled by volume up/down keys in the background (especially when the screen is off) and foreground. Turn your phone into a very handy and dedicated recorder tool, good for many emergency situations and also for people with visual issue. There are so many apps in your smart devices, sometimes you just need one click to start recording no matter what status the device is in, like a dedicated hardware recorder, this is the app.

1. Simple to use, click the power button icon to get it ready, then you are good to go. If you don’t use it, click that button again to turn it off.

2. Recording in the background (e.g. screen off), click the volume “+” key, get vibration feedback twice. if want to stop, click the volume “-” key, vibrating once (If no vibration or too weak, please go to your device’s Settings -> Vibration intensity->Notifications to adjust intensity) .

3. Recording in the foreground, click the key in the same way as background, but no vibration since you can see the changes on the screen.

4. All files are tagged with time and date, can be renamed, played, deleted and shared.

5. All files are accessible from your device file browser or your computer.


Q:When the app is running in the background, how do I adjust the volume of other apps (such as ringing, alarm, media, notification etc.)?
A:In this case, please turn on the screen first, the system will pop up a notification bar when you click the volume button, pull down to see all the relevant volume adjustment bars, adjust them. Ignore the bar related to this app.

Q: How do I know the app is recording when the screen is off ?
A: Please press the volume up key again to check if it vibrates twice, if it vibrates three short times quickly, that means another app is using the microphone, need to turn it off. Generally just remember one simple rule, the volume up key is for recording and the down key is for stop forever, doesn’t matter how many times you clicked.